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Each deal is managed from start to finish by a designated and deal focused team. From Toulouse or Kyoto to Portland. This fosters trust among all stakeholders and increases the overall certainty of the deal.

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  • Engineered Plastics
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  • Smart Factory
  • Private Equity
  • Robert Aigner-LütterfeldsRobert Aigner-Lütterfelds

    Robert Aigner-Lütterfelds

  • Ron AlonRon Alon

    Ron Alon

  • Georg AumüllnerGeorg Aumüllner

    Georg Aumüllner

  • Zalán Balási, CFAZalán Balási, CFA

    Zalán Balási, CFA

  • Alexandra BalzariniAlexandra Balzarini

    Alexandra Balzarini

  • Atacan Baran, CFAAtacan Baran, CFA

    Atacan Baran, CFA

  • Johannes BayerJohannes Bayer

    Johannes Bayer

  • Johanna BernhardJohanna Bernhard

    Johanna Bernhard

  • Marco BocekMarco Bocek

    Marco Bocek

  • Isaac BouzerdeIsaac Bouzerde

    Isaac Bouzerde

  • Christopher BräuerChristopher Bräuer

    Christopher Bräuer

  • Paul ButtererPaul Butterer

    Paul Butterer

  • Alexandru CaratasAlexandru Caratas

    Alexandru Caratas

  • Xixia ChenXixia Chen

    Xixia Chen

  • Ferdinand CroÿFerdinand Croÿ

    Ferdinand Croÿ

  • Michaela DamestaniMichaela Damestani

    Michaela Damestani

  • Silke ExnerSilke Exner

    Silke Exner

  • Maximilian FröhlichMaximilian Fröhlich

    Maximilian Fröhlich

  • David GabrielDavid Gabriel

    David Gabriel

  • Roman GödRoman Göd

    Roman Göd

  • Atakan GüleryüzAtakan Güleryüz

    Atakan Güleryüz

  • Norajr HakopovNorajr Hakopov

    Norajr Hakopov

  • Sinan IkiisikSinan Ikiisik

    Sinan Ikiisik

  • Krisztina JakubecKrisztina Jakubec

    Krisztina Jakubec

  • Omar KhaterOmar Khater

    Omar Khater

  • Erdem KiranoğluErdem Kiranoğlu

    Erdem Kiranoğlu

  • Gabriel KöckGabriel Köck

    Gabriel Köck

  • Isabella KomleitnerIsabella Komleitner

    Isabella Komleitner

  • Paul KösterPaul Köster

    Paul Köster

  • Alexander KuboAlexander Kubo

    Alexander Kubo

  • Paul LacknerPaul Lackner

    Paul Lackner

  • Lukas LikarLukas Likar

    Lukas Likar

  • Nándor MălăceaNándor Mălăcea

    Nándor Mălăcea

  • Máté MartinMáté Martin

    Máté Martin

  • Áron MartosÁron Martos

    Áron Martos

  • Helmut MödlhammerHelmut Mödlhammer

    Helmut Mödlhammer

  • Moses NeukartMoses Neukart

    Moses Neukart

  • Doris NimführDoris Nimführ

    Doris Nimführ

  • Gregor NischerGregor Nischer

    Gregor Nischer

  • Martin PabstMartin Pabst

    Martin Pabst

  • Dennis PotempaDennis Potempa

    Dennis Potempa

  • Raj RajeshwariRaj Rajeshwari

    Raj Rajeshwari

  • Maksymilian ResmannMaksymilian Resmann

    Maksymilian Resmann

  • Matthias RinnerbauerMatthias Rinnerbauer

    Matthias Rinnerbauer

  • Lorenz SattleggerLorenz Sattlegger

    Lorenz Sattlegger

  • Anaїs SchweitzerAnaїs Schweitzer

    Anaїs Schweitzer

  • Stephan SpahitsStephan Spahits

    Stephan Spahits

  • Clemens StadlerClemens Stadler

    Clemens Stadler

  • Lars SwennenLars Swennen

    Lars Swennen

  • Nikoline TesarNikoline Tesar

    Nikoline Tesar

  • Tomas VlcekTomas Vlcek

    Tomas Vlcek

  • Kristina VoitinskaiaKristina Voitinskaia

    Kristina Voitinskaia

  • Rudolf VrábelRudolf Vrábel

    Rudolf Vrábel

  • Erwin WienckeErwin Wiencke

    Erwin Wiencke

  • Markus WildmoserMarkus Wildmoser

    Markus Wildmoser