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Each deal is managed from start to finish by a designated and deal focused team. From Toulouse or Kyoto to Portland. This fosters trust among all stakeholders and increases the overall certainty of the deal.

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  • Electronics & IoT
  • Machinery
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Packaging
  • Robert Aigner-Lütterfelds

    Robert Aigner-Lütterfelds

  • Ron Alon

    Ron Alon

  • Basem Amin

    Basem Amin

  • Christopher Bräuer

    Christopher Bräuer

  • Jürgen Donath

    Jürgen Donath

  • David Gabriel

    David Gabriel

  • Roman Göd

    Roman Göd

  • Dante R. C. Gómez

    Dante R. C. Gómez

  • Norbert Horvath

    Norbert Horvath

  • Sümeyye Güler

    Sümeyye Güler

  • Philip Herrmann

    Philip Herrmann

  • Sinan Ikiisik

    Sinan Ikiisik

  • Florian Immler

    Florian Immler

  • Isabella Komleitner

    Isabella Komleitner

  • Alexander Kubo

    Alexander Kubo

  • Johannes Mahr

    Johannes Mahr

  • Sebastian Lueger

    Sebastian Lueger

  • Denis Maravic

    Denis Maravic

  • Helmut Mödlhammer

    Helmut Mödlhammer

  • Ester Nafee

    Ester Nafee

  • Doris Nimführ

    Doris Nimführ

  • Gregor Nischer

    Gregor Nischer

  • Jaroslav Onoprienko

    Jaroslav Onoprienko

  • Michaela Damestani

    Michaela Damestani

  • Annalise Rapo

    Annalise Rapo

  • Vincent Rühl

    Vincent Rühl

  • Anna Stark

    Anna Stark

  • Fabian Steppi

    Fabian Steppi

  • Lars Swennen

    Lars Swennen

  • Nikoline Tesar

    Nikoline Tesar

  • Shaan Tharani

    Shaan Tharani

Corporate Finance.

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