Building Automation & Smart Home

MP’s sector team has significant deal experience serving global corporates, classical family owned enterprises as well as Venture Capital backed Start-Up businesses. Innovative and highly demanding solutions are our area of expertise, such as energy storage, battery management systems, smart metering solutions, control and software products for lighting systems technologies as well as automation solutions. The key initiative within this sector is to create a universal platform solution that connects various electronic devices to automate processes.

  • Roman Göd

    Roman Göd

    Sector Head
Market Trends

Demand for intelligent devices is one of the emerging trends in the electronics industry. Increasing adaption and acceptance of smart automation products combined with a rising awareness for energy-efficiency is driving rapid growth within this segment. By 2022 it is estimated that 24% of the segment is expected to implement intelligent and connected energy, lighting and smart systems. Market players vary from established international electronic corporations to tech giants from Silicon Valley as well as small start-ups.