Metal Processing

MMS builds on our transaction experience in a wide range of customer segments for the high-mix, low-volume supply chain. Services in this sector comprise mechanical and forming processes for a diverse range of materials (from large castings all the way to microparts made from high-performance materials), and the assembly of these materials. The market for technologies and applications is correspondingly broad and this forms the foundation of our approach to the sector.

  • Robert Aigner-Lütterfelds

    Robert Aigner-Lütterfelds

    Sector Head
Market Trends

As an industry made up of SMEs, the significant drivers of M&A activity are succession issues, and the establishment of full-service suppliers that are deeply integrated into customer supply chains, with expertise in a broad base of technologies. Against this backdrop, an optimal M&A strategy will round out businesses that have often achieved outstanding market positions, with appropriate acquisitions that build on core competencies and performance, including in terms of customers.