Machine Tools

In this subsector we advise machine tool manufacturers across the entire spectrum of cutting, forming, EDM, laser, additive and 3D processes, as well as producers for complete assembly and aoutmated processing, for all materials and customer segments. We understand the differences between machines for micrometre-precise processing of the tiniest plastic and glass parts in quantities of millions, standard machining centres, and large milling machines for completing 450-tonne, one-off marine diesel engines.

  • Jürgen Donath

    Jürgen Donath

    Sector Head
Market Trends

The industry is dominated by SMEs and faces the typical challenges of the mechanical engineering sector – a cyclical market, innovation and globalisation pressure – as well as the specific challenges faced by customers (electric vehicles, the energy transition) and a technological revolution (automation, new metals/composite materials, additive manufacturing). These are promoting consolidation among SMEs, as well as buy and build models and acquisition efforts by international clients.