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In the course of advising on 600+ transactions worldwide, we have built up an enormous wealth of experience – and this is what makes us such a safe pair of hands. We have wide-ranging expertise, and an intuitive feeling for how a deal is playing out is worth its weight in gold. Our success rate speaks for itself.


Conventional company divestiture, group spin-off, succession planning, exits by financial investors and turnaround situation.


A key part of any successful business divestiture is creating a competitive environment through professional project management, and upholding the required degree of discretion. From analysing value drivers, developing a compelling investor story and compiling comprehensive documentation ahead of the sale, to addressing a fine-tuned list of prospective buyers and ultimately handling negotiations on the way to a successful conclusion – we handle every step of the entire process. We are also on hand to optimise value drivers during the preparation phase.


Buy and build, local consolidation in established markets, breaking into new markets, expanding into new continents, rounding out portfolios with supplementary acquisitions and value chain integration.


An appreciation of industrial rationale, keeping an eye on the big picture by establishing alternatives, and creating room to manoeuvre in negotiations all play essential roles in a successful acquisition process. Our activities guide the entire process – from identifying possible targets to establishing personal contact and evaluating them, to successfully concluding transactions.


Financing acquisition and expansion, optimising balance sheet structures, refinancing existing lines of credit and working capital management.


Direct access to international financing partners and an in-depth understanding of market conditions are vital. Based on a detailed inventory, we analyse the potential held by existing financing structures, optimise them and initiate an iterative tendering process based on the outcomes. We take care of every stage of financing, aiming to ensure the ideal financing base and conditions, while preserving economically prudent capital structures.