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DealsNovares acquired a minority stake in APAG Holding AG

MP acted as the exclusive buy-side advisor in a minority acquisition of APAG

Novares is one of the world’s leading automotive plastics suppliers for engine, interior and body parts serving OEMs on a global scale with innovative solutions and superior quality products.

APAG is an innovative Swiss company that designs, develops, and produces electronic control units (ECUs) and LED-based lighting modules. The focus functions of the products are actuator control, sensor data processing, multi-function gateways, exterior accent lighting, and small interior peripheral functional and aesthetic lighting.

In the short term, Novares’ product portfolio will integrate APAG’s lighting technology for complete sub-system solutions such as illuminated interior and exterior handles, interior trims and air vents. In the mid-term, the combination of both companies areas of expertise will lead to the development and manufacturing of controls to drive mechatronics components, such as smart surfaces, screens, cameras, sensors and actuators integrated into Novares products.

MP Value Add

After only half a year that Novares Venture Capital has been founded, this is the second successfully completed investment in a highly innovative company.

Based on MP`s deep industry knowledge, a situation-specific targets selection with direct access to the top decision-makers was made possible. MP has carefully identified the utmost suitable target for Novares’ dedicated development and cooperation strategy to develop and manufacture a full range of plastronics and mechatronics.

MP succeeded in this tailored M&A process to enable the second acquisition within just 6 months. MP’s extensive transaction experience in the realm of automotive industry assisted in this swift and fast process.