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DealsMagnesita sold its business related to the production and supply of magnesia carbon bricks produced at the company’s Oberhausen facility, in Germany

MP Corporate Finance acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Magnesita Refratários S.A. in the carve out of one of its European production plants to fulfil its commitments towards the European Commission following the merger of RHI and Magnesita.

The combination of the two leading refractories players, RHI AG (Austria) and Magnesita Refratários S.A. (Brazil) was approved by the European Commission on June 28th 2017. On September 8th 2017, RHI and Magnesita signed contracts with the German refractories supplier Intocast AG regarding the sale of three European production plants to fulfil their commitments towards the European Commission.The contribution to revenue of the three plants amounted to roughly € 100 million in the financial year 2016.

For the closing of the transaction, the European Commission has to confirm the buyer. The sale of the three production sites is a condition for the execution of the merger of RHI and Magnesita.

The MPCF transaction team supported RHI and Magnesita during the entire divestment process. The team executed financial and operational carve out analysis, liaised with investors and legal teams and facilitated a smooth process in a highly complex deal with multiple stakeholders.