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DealsChemes sold to Innova Capital

MP acted as the exlusive sell-side advisor to Abris in the sale of Chemes

Abris CEE Mid-Market Fund II invested in Chemes in 2015, acquiring a majority stake in the business. During the holding period, together with Maciej Szperliński, the founder and CEO of the company, an ambitious investment program had been executed including the development of laminate tubes as new product category.  As a result, Chemes has significantly increased its sales and operational capabilities, enforcing its position as a recognized player on the label market.

Today, Chemes is a leading producer of self-adhesive labels with extensive printing expertise serving FMCG companies from all over Europe in industries such as cosmetics, personal hygiene products, food production and logistics.

For Innova Capital Chemes is the second investment in the labels and flexible packaging market following the acquisition of Drukarnia Embe Press in March 2019. The two companies are leading players in the label market in Poland with a complementary product offer for the various customer groups. Thus both assets are highly attractive from the fund’s perspective.

MP Value Add

MP acted as the exclusive sell-side advisor to Abris Capital throughout the entire transaction process.

Through its wide network in the packaging industry, MP has carefully identified the most suitable buyers and executed a competitive auction process. By including a limited number of selected international trade buyers and financial investors MP was able to maximize value to the seller while maintaining an efficient and timely transaction process.

Furthermore, MP enabled its client a clean exit with optimal risk allocation through a ubiquitous problem-solving approach in combination with firm negotiation skills.