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DealsBoyd Corporation acquired Grando-Massin

MP Corporate Finance advised Boyd Corporation on the cross-border acquisition of Belgium-based specialist in engineered materials & high-tech parts

Grando-Massin Holding SRL, located in Belgium and France, specialises in high-performance polymers, elastomers, and composites for critical applications in the highly-regulated rail and industrial technology industries.

Grando’s unique material science expertise in converting a wide range of technical materials including rubber, foam, and plastic polymers enriches the technological know-how of Boyd’s engineering capabilities. Highly innovative operations further contribute to Boyd’s focus on high performance, sustainability, and lean manufacturing.

Grando has blue-chip long-term customer relationships in niche markets, characterised by high entry barriers, and a strong regional scope, especially in the French and Belgian markets, which presents a very attractive opportunity to Boyd to further expand.

Boyd’s value-driven innovation and technology create marketable differentiation for its customers. Driven by Boyd’s growth approach with a strong sales platform, the acquisition will boost Grando’s development in the coming years even further.

MP Value Add

Having a great pipeline of highly suitable European companies out of a large pool of opportunities in custom engineered materials, MP managed to close the next deal for Boyd in Europe within a very short time frame.

MP’s extensive industry and transaction experience allowed them to provide ongoing support for Boyd and led to an efficient and structured due diligence and contract negotiation process. Subsequently, a simultaneous signing and closing were possible within a few weeks after signing a nonbinding agreement.

This transaction is a new milestone in the implementation of Boyd’s growth strategy in Europe. Grando will enhance Boyd’s regional polymer manufacturing capabilities, accelerate innovation in high growth markets like transportation and mobility, renewable energy, battery storage, and industrial technology and add regional services for Boyd’s European customers.